Clintel Services


We listen. We learn. We form partnerships with our clients.

  • Established relationships.

We talk to our candidates on a regular basis. They are the best of the best because we bring to the table years of established relationships with the top producers in the industry. Couple that with our strong recruiter retention rate and it is a recipe for success!

  • Provide market intelligence.

We let you know how you compare to your competition, what people are saying about you and the realities of the marketplace as it pertains to your hiring needs.

  • Low recruiter turnover.

You get faster access to more people who can handle your requests, answer your questions and solve your problems.

  • Uncovering hidden talent.

You don’t need a recruiting firm to double your efforts. We conduct extensive research to uncover the highly qualified passive candidates.

  • Flexibility.

We customize our process to meet your specific hiring needs. Surviving in this climate requires the ability to adapt quickly—we have a proven ability to do just that.


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